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This is a book I picked up at random on eBay one day. It was going for cheap, and it has Satori on it. Sold.

This is the 2nd volume to a series. The 1st volume can be found, scanned and translated here, by 53RG10. Go check it out.

Be warned that this is 72 pages in length (took me 1 whole day to scan, and 5 days on and off to clean up), so the size might be a bit big. Anyway, enjoy.

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Hi! Sorry for the long absent. You would think having a mid-term break would give me time but noooo~ I end up spending my week off classes WORKING. Oh well. Nothing much to say, I apologize for the amount of delays on everything (even though my to-do lists is nowhere in sight anyway).

So, as an apology, I give you this short doujinshi on the Komeiji Sisters.

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Did I ever mention my favorite character is Komeiji Satori? I’m disappointed at the lack of material (of the non-h kind) on her, so I tend to gobble up any doujinshi starring her…

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From the album: [背徳姉妹 ~紅に染まる片翼~] (a review of the whole thing will come sooner or later… there is something to be said about this, especially now that I understand almost the entire thing.)

This is my first time working on translating lyrics, so some part is still rough no matter how much refining I tried to do on it. The pronoun (or lack of) was a serious problem. Some lines just don’t make all that much sense without them. I hesitate on adding them in still though.

A little translation note:

Remi’s lines is in purple, Flan’s lines is in red, and blue is when they sing together.

I tried to catch exactly who says what lines, but some lines are very … overlapping with each other. Like the chorus, where Remi would trail off after the first two words. I figured that was nothing at first, but every now and then, I would start thinking that if I follow it closely enough, it would almost seems like her lyrics is slightly different. It’s complicated…

For now, enjoy.

P.S: This is still subject to update when I find I can improve on it’s accuracy and/or find a better word.


Endless Love ~交錯する禁忌
Endless Love ~ Interlaced Taboo

Remilia Scarlet: Nimo
Flandre Scarlet: ココ
Arranger:gak / yohine
Circle: Innocent Key
Album: 背徳姉妹 ~紅に染まる片翼~ (Immoral Sisters ~Damaged Wings Dyed in Scarlet~)

初めて気づいた 愛する温もり
Notice for the first time, the warmth of love
Holding each other often

With a smile…

This thing called “protecting”,  encloses everything
Even surpasses the forbidden

Unraveling love

描く明日が そう、想い通りに二人で居れば
Depicted tomorrow,  yes,  if we’re together
Guilt within,  can’t stop this strong feeling pouring out

何時か夢見た、愛と欲望 (…背徳に染め上げた)
Saw it in a dream, love’s desire (…tainted by immorality)
Driven mad

Now, feel it

The body intersects, within happiness
Derive the meaning of living

Enclosed by love

Connecting to a budding miracle
Always whispering a wish

Let’s continue to love

My still young voice begged,  whisper sweetly
A sorrowful tune,  can’t hold back the tears

月の光よ、眩く照らせ (…愛しき人の影を)
Moonlight, shone brightly (…illuminating a loved one’s shadow)
Seemingly disappear

There, Within these eyes

重ね合う度、目覚める意識 (…ほら、衝動に揺さぶられ)
Each exchange, senses emerges (…look, swayed by impulses)
We’re still in love

Ah, death doesn’t matter…

何時か夢見た、愛と欲望 (…背徳に染め上げた)
Saw it in a dream, love’s desire (…tainted by immorality)
Driven mad

Now, feel it

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My first translation work. Well, sorta. This one was a little different, since I was cleaning it up, translating and editing it page by page, it took a little longer then I thought. Well, at least it was an experience and I know not to try that again, right?

Queen of Cat is well… cute. Really cute. Adorably cute. I want a Neko-Remi to hold and hug and demand tuna by….

You have been warned about this cuteness…

Queen of Cat

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They say “Never judge a book by it’s cover.” I try to follow that sometimes, but then there are times where it’s just a bit hard not to judge it by it’s cover. This is one of those times. But hey, can you blame me, with a cover like this?!

So after a bit of digging, I got my greasy paws on it. So here it is:

Mediafire Download

If anyone want to take this to translate and stuff, I would appreciated if you give me credit for scanning? Please?

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