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Ah yes~ the first time in a long while since I came back on here, I almost forgot about it. And whoop-de-do, lets start off again with something else.

Persona 4 has got to be my favorite game in a long while. It’s a fandom I can easily return to, no matter how long ago since I touch it. Its something about the characters that just makes me love it so much. The cast is just so…. well, lovable!

But alas, once more, my favorite character of Persona 4 is a rare one. In total, she only shows up in two scenes. What a shame. The one I’m talking about is, of course, Shadow Naoto. Poor little lost shadow… her original is my second favorite character as well, but the Shadow tops it all~

And since its such a rare character to find works which features her, I feel obliged to share as much of her to the world as possible. So I will.



Spreading the Shadow love~


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This is a book I picked up at random on eBay one day. It was going for cheap, and it has Satori on it. Sold.

This is the 2nd volume to a series. The 1st volume can be found, scanned and translated here, by 53RG10. Go check it out.

Be warned that this is 72 pages in length (took me 1 whole day to scan, and 5 days on and off to clean up), so the size might be a bit big. Anyway, enjoy.

Mediafire Download

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Hi! Sorry for the long absent. You would think having a mid-term break would give me time but noooo~ I end up spending my week off classes WORKING. Oh well. Nothing much to say, I apologize for the amount of delays on everything (even though my to-do lists is nowhere in sight anyway).

So, as an apology, I give you this short doujinshi on the Komeiji Sisters.

Mediafire Download

Did I ever mention my favorite character is Komeiji Satori? I’m disappointed at the lack of material (of the non-h kind) on her, so I tend to gobble up any doujinshi starring her…

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They say “Never judge a book by it’s cover.” I try to follow that sometimes, but then there are times where it’s just a bit hard not to judge it by it’s cover. This is one of those times. But hey, can you blame me, with a cover like this?!

So after a bit of digging, I got my greasy paws on it. So here it is:

Mediafire Download

If anyone want to take this to translate and stuff, I would appreciated if you give me credit for scanning? Please?

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