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Ah yes~ the first time in a long while since I came back on here, I almost forgot about it. And whoop-de-do, lets start off again with something else.

Persona 4 has got to be my favorite game in a long while. It’s a fandom I can easily return to, no matter how long ago since I touch it. Its something about the characters that just makes me love it so much. The cast is just so…. well, lovable!

But alas, once more, my favorite character of Persona 4 is a rare one. In total, she only shows up in two scenes. What a shame. The one I’m talking about is, of course, Shadow Naoto. Poor little lost shadow… her original is my second favorite character as well, but the Shadow tops it all~

And since its such a rare character to find works which features her, I feel obliged to share as much of her to the world as possible. So I will.



Spreading the Shadow love~


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