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This is a book I picked up at random on eBay one day. It was going for cheap, and it has Satori on it. Sold.

This is the 2nd volume to a series. The 1st volume can be found, scanned and translated here, by 53RG10. Go check it out.

Be warned that this is 72 pages in length (took me 1 whole day to scan, and 5 days on and off to clean up), so the size might be a bit big. Anyway, enjoy.

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Hi! Sorry for the long absent. You would think having a mid-term break would give me time but noooo~ I end up spending my week off classes WORKING. Oh well. Nothing much to say, I apologize for the amount of delays on everything (even though my to-do lists is nowhere in sight anyway).

So, as an apology, I give you this short doujinshi on the Komeiji Sisters.

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Did I ever mention my favorite character is Komeiji Satori? I’m disappointed at the lack of material (of the non-h kind) on her, so I tend to gobble up any doujinshi starring her…

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My first translation work. Well, sorta. This one was a little different, since I was cleaning it up, translating and editing it page by page, it took a little longer then I thought. Well, at least it was an experience and I know not to try that again, right?

Queen of Cat is well… cute. Really cute. Adorably cute. I want a Neko-Remi to hold and hug and demand tuna by….

You have been warned about this cuteness…

Queen of Cat

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They say “Never judge a book by it’s cover.” I try to follow that sometimes, but then there are times where it’s just a bit hard not to judge it by it’s cover. This is one of those times. But hey, can you blame me, with a cover like this?!

So after a bit of digging, I got my greasy paws on it. So here it is:

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If anyone want to take this to translate and stuff, I would appreciated if you give me credit for scanning? Please?

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